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Iron Artist Special Event
A contest of imagination and craft

Come and join digital artists explore different solutions to image making in a series of head-to-head challenges. The moderator will provide each artist with a common set of images and they will develop a new image from scratch. Watch the evolution of their craft emerge -- different tastes, different use of digital tools, different compositional concepts. The audience will have the opportunity to have its say as well as the artists. San Diego County Office of Education, Monday and Tuesday, July 28 - 29 from 2 - 4 p.m. Location: 6401 Linda Vista Road in the Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center.

Monday, July 28, 2-4 pm Tuesday, July 29, 2-4 pm
Moderator Joe Nalven

Artist Karen Sperling

Artist Jim Respess

Commentator John Gordon

Moderator Stephen Burns

Artist Tiger Lee

Artist Jeremy Sutton

Commentator Colin Smith